Our Comapany

We are the most advanced and proficient IT training centre which focuses on offering high quality education services along with making our students aware about the recent trends and advancement in the IT sector so that they can choose their career correctly. We offer training in numerous domains and sectors but mainly we cater providing computer courses to our students which are helpful in getting jobs in the IT sector easily.

We are deadly serious about the knowledge which are imparting to our students so to keep a stringent check on the training we have a different committer in our institute which looks after all the matters pertaining to the education and administration of our institute. Our faculties are experienced, well qualified and subject matter expert who are well versed of the recent techniques and are highly proficient in using the high brid technology while training the students. A student have to spent 8 hours in a week  in our institution and in this time duration of training, the student will be offered 70% of practical training and 30 % of theoretical training. Our curriculum is well framed which encompasses all the information and knowledge which should be imparted to the students so that they can be competent with the prevailing it sector.

In order to improve our training modules and offer the best knowledge to our students we have introduced the following:-

Practical’s classes are offered and are an integral part of our curriculum so that students can impart their theoretical knowledge in the practical domain as well.

There are allot of group discussions and workshops which are conducted along with the training sessions and we have professionals who are there to guide and assist the students if they are facing any issues.

Seminars are conducted which improves the knowledge of the students and makes them aware about the recent IT developments. These seminars are also helpful in making the students enhance their research, communication and presentation skills.