Our Institute

Global IT Solutions® Computer Education, Pioneers in IT Training, Software development & Consulting, was established in 2014 with a vision to provide training to budding IT professionals & helping them to choose the right career, Realizing the potential of the market, the company soon ventured into providing the E-business & Software Solutions, Corporate Training, Global Placements, Soft Skills & Call Centre Training & Solutions.


The Computer Revolution

Computer technology has unveiled a whole new world of career opportunities for the young and experienced alike. The increasingly widespread use of computers is creating a ready and large market for individuals who are qualified and trained with distinct skills. The computer industry and the computer user community are today facing an acute shortage of computer literate manpower in the world. Entering the profession as a programmer, a qualified and skilled professional can rise through the levels of programmer, analyst and system analyst to senior positions in data processing in a relatively short span of time. At a time when unemployment is rampant, here is a field that is open to all those who wish to carve out a challenging niche and an interesting career in the world’s fastest growing industries, By the year 2010, 75% of all people will be using computers, one way or the other.

Analyzing the above facts, Global IT Solutions has developed a set of certificate courses each for long duration and short duration. The long term courses vary from duration of six months to three years and metamorphise a teenage student into a thorough bred polished computer professional. The special short term certificate courses vary from one week to twelve weeks duration and are specifically job oriented. Global IT Solutions is breeding computer professional’s right from the initial stages of a student’s career. Global IT Solutions has worked hard and surveyed in this field to develop study material specific to each course which is very latest and is in great demand how a days.

Level of Education

The managing committee of the Company pays great importance to the level of education provided to the student, hence a managing committee of the institute has been set up to look after the education and administration of the institute. Faculty of Global IT Solutions comprises of qualified, experienced, full time staff, formally trained to effectively teach the latest techniques in computers, a student will get 8 hrs a week classes out of which 70% will be practical and 30% theory. A student can get as much extra time on computers, as convenient and required.

The Global IT Solutions® Difference

Industry Orientation a market survey carried out in Jan-March 2011 on the present system of computer education and training shows that there is no stress on proper industry orientation and focus on real life exposure and practical usage. It does not provide adequate hands-on computers and teaches some irrelevant topics leaving out certain essential areas. Keeping these things in view Global IT Solutions course curriculum provides all the facilities which have been left out by the others, besides providing the regular theoretical knowledge.

Training Methodology

Global IT Solutions® finds that a proper training methodology combined with specific course curriculum is must to impart optimum skills to a student. Global IT Solutions has pioneered innovations in Education and Training. Through in-house research in Instructional technology, Global IT Solutions has developed a methodology which combines various elements to ensure maximum effectiveness of learning for a student. In addition to utilizing latest technology to keep on improving the quality of training imparted, the elements and concepts which Global IT Solutions has introduced to optimize the education procedures for the students are :- Hands-On Practical’s: Theory sessions are followed by, computer-room sessions, these help the student increase their computer based skills as well as consolidate the learning. Workshops and Group Discussions: The classroom sessions revolve around workshops and group discussions, Global IT Solutions faculty consists of full time staff formally trained to effectively use these techniques in education and closely monitor student’s progress and provide guidance wherever necessary. Seminars” The seminars are designed to expose students to areas of information technology outside the syllabus, thereby giving them a wider exposure. These also serve to improve student’s skills in research, presentation and communication.