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Search Engine Optimization

Quality SEO Services (from India) to Maximize Your ROI

Global IT Solutions as an ethical SEO services company, we’ve dedicated 12 years to enhance our webmaster skills to make SEO more and more profitable for our clients. So far, we have helped various known brands in India and small-business companies from UK, US, Canada, Australia and Israel.

How SEO can benefit your business? We have many reasons –

Long-term results – SEO is one investment that comes with long-term benefits.

Increase visibility among your targeted audience on different devices – desktop, mobile and tablets.

Increase brand recognition and online reputation through better rankings.

Reduce marketing costs – Higher organic search rankings on your targeted keywords can do wonders. It can help you lower down your budgets on Sponsored ads.

Local listings that you can generate to reach out to your local customers.

Our Search engine optimization process that can help you rank higher:

Keyword Research & Analysis – This is the beginning of your online presence. We put our expertise and experience in digging out the best keywords and utilizing them better for your business growth.

Competition Analysis – We define, discover and study your competitors for a better understanding on how to rank you better. The knowledge helps us in getting an insight on your competition and also lets us predict their behavior.

Strategy Creation – For any business to grow, the one question that needs to be answered is how. We not only plan and strategize your today but also take into account how today’s growth will let you grow tomorrow.

On-site SEO planning and execution – We plan and implement strategies within the programing language which includes processes to aid search engines in indexing and ranking the websites. Publishing content frequently, properly using metadata & ensuring simple site navigation are a few of them.

Off-site SEO planning and execution – Backlinking and content marketing are a few of the off site strategies. These off-site SEO services are effective in enhancing search engine visibility and also help increase traffic, thus, generating more business.

Monthly reports – We believe in transparency and thrive for your growth. Keeping our clients updated about all the work regarding their business is our priority and we provide a consolidated monthly report without fail to do so.

Scope of work for next month SEO – Planning and strategizing growth is never complete if we do not discuss tomorrow. We always draw out the scope of work a month in advance and create a plan of action so that not even a single second of your time is wasted.